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Promotion and advertising

SEO website promotion

SEO promotion-works aimed at improving the position of the site in the search results. The most effective way to attract customers at the moment.

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SEO audit of website

SEO audit of the site - analysis of the site for compliance with the requirements of search algorithms, which checks the technical parameters, content, external reference mass, behavioral factors, etc.

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Semantic kernel

What is the semantic kernel and why it is needed. The process of compiling semantics and its structure. How often it is necessary to collect and update the semantic kernel and the cost of compiling semantics.

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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is the fastest way to get customers. Setting up and running advertising campaigns, reducing the price of the attracted client and increasing the number of orders.

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Writing SEO articles (selling texts)

SEO тексты: зачем и когда нужны. Чего необходимо избегать и как правильно построить. Секреты продвижения по статьям

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Placement of the company in catalogs and directories

Placement of information about the company in catalogs and directories - cheap and effective: the target audience, minimum costs, high-quality reference mass, excellent seo promotion.

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