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Contextual advertising


What is contextual advertising?
Contextual advertising is the fastest way to get customers, because it is displayed on the search page at the top or bottom of the request that the contextual advertising specialist considered necessary.

Advertising on the search leads to you " hot " customers, goods or services they need here and now. They rarely belong to the category of “thinking”.

Naturally, the competition for the display of such advertising is high, which spurs the cost of a click-go to your website. Starting from 30 cents the cost of a click can reach several thousand rubles depending on the business sector and a huge number of other indicators. In order not to put advertising budgets into the pipe, you will need to professionally set up and conduct an advertising campaign.

The first term, with whom You will meet will be the CTR is the number of transitions to the number of impressions, affects price per click (PPC) specifically for You. That is, by improving this indicator, you can show your ads on the same request cheaper than a competitor! Get ready to get acquainted with a dozen other terms, but I will not write about all, only about the main ones.

CPL - price per lead, i.e. for what price you brought to yourself a potential client who made a call or left a request. And if you have an online store, the cost of ordering or making a purchase.

LTV - the amount of money that the client has left you during the entire period of cooperation with you. This indicator you will remember more than once when you will encounter e-mail newsletter, return of lost customers and many other ways to retain customers for repeat purchases; even when you order a mobile application you will encounter it. As part of a contextual advertising campaign, LTV affects your ability to attract customers at a price higher than your average check because you, for example, know That your LTV is five times the average check. Conversely, if you do not know this figure, then you risk attracting customers at a loss...

And now from the flowers to the case. 

What begins advertising in Yandex. direct and AdWords?
With semantics! Not once it has been described, but semantics is one of the fundamental documents that is required for the development of the site and for advertising. From it are taken themselves keywords (search queries) and are distributed across the pages. In Yandex Direct settings, a huge number of other parameters, some of which may not be relevant, but you will know exactly only after the audit of the contextual advertising campaign. At the stage of such a campaign, the Director makes changes in order to increase CTR, remove the requests that attract to the site, but do not sell. To “see” it, you will need to put on the Site Yandex Metric and Analytics from Google, set goals, conduct Analytics of behavioral factors and much more.

Our Agency is located in Kaliningrad and is ready to offer you a full range of services in the field of advertising, so that you can diversify the sources of attracting customers. Along with SEO promotion and advertising in social networks, contextual advertising occupies a large market share due to the speed of customer attraction, rapid turnover of the advertising budget in purchases, applications, etc.Professional approach and quality setting of contextual advertising will save Your budget, and together with the conduct of an advertising campaign can reduce the price of the attracted client and increase the number of orders.

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