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Writing SEO articles (selling texts)


What for?
More often, the owners of online stores address for writing selling texts, because there are a lot of goods, they change and they need a quality article. If you are the owner of a conventional multi-page site of the company, then such articles you will need, as a rule, no more than a dozen to describe the company and its services. If the site is new, then the stage of filling should start as early as possible, even better while it is done, you should have a semantic core on your hands! Keywords, the structure of the site and the distribution of requests for services - the basis of TK for copywriter-is taken from it. If you are present on the market for a long time, the site is filled, but only now decided to engage in promotion, then you may have enough and the usual rewrite (processing of the existing article) - the choice for the Seoshnik. Another option, when seo texts are needed, is the placement of articles on external resources when promoting. As a rule, such texts are strikingly different from those that are posted on Your site, they are built according to their own laws, but the General basis is the same. The purpose of SEO text, as one of the ways of SEO optimization of the site, is to show the search engine what information the user will find here, placing the desired keywords in the text. However, this is not the end.

To be or not to be... parse SEO article and look: remove or add?
So, what problems do resource owners face when ordering selling texts?

Overdone. It happens that the number of keywords in the text is too large and it is bad not only for people (such texts are difficult to read), but also for search engines (you can even get under sanctions). Therefore, take note that in one paragraph you should not repeat them two or more times (you can not avoid - put a synonym). Do not use more than 3-5 repetitions of search queries for the text of 1000 characters. Try to optimize the entire text for no more than 3-7 keywords and phrases.

Tired of reading. Often seen from customers "ready" TK for copywriter, which indicated that you need a certain amount of text, and the question why such a volume - you need to describe everything! Proceed from Your target audience and the prevalence of goods / services: description for cotton hand towels for 200 rubles should not be from 3500 characters, at least because everyone already knows how to wash it - take it out in a separate article. This approach, You spoil your behavioral factors. Large articles are needed either for an unfamiliar product or for a complex one, for which the description is an instruction, technical documentation and so on. 

I've seen it somewhere before... The Professor's words when you view your thesis or your words when you get an article from another freelancer? Laziness is not only the engine of progress, but also the opportunity to “fly” when everyone sees that the article posted on Your site is slime in the competitor. Remember, selling the same thing with a competitor You will write about the same, just do it in different words, stick to different structure of articles, because our language is so rich! And remember, the network has free services check texts for uniqueness. By the way, if You have the texts do not pass the uniqueness above 85% - sound the alarm!

What should be a proper SEO article?
To begin, look at this article as a whole, without reading. What do you see in it? 

Headers. One first level title, more is strictly prohibited! The number of titles of the next levels does not matter. The vast majority of articles will end up using a few H2, rarely come across H3. H4-H6 is only in theory, in practice-not seen.

Bold text. Niskolechko, does NOT affect promotion! When you copywriter delivers text in which bold highlighted keywords, then it is done only for The sake of you to see them and were able to tell him well done! Bold text is allocated exclusively for the convenience of reading (as now) and in accordance with the corporate identity. All! Highlighting of keywords in bold in the text is absolute nonsense!

Relink. Did you notice that you can go directly to our other pages from the text - by clicking?! For example, the development of the site. Once-you are comfortable (do not Google somewhere else), two-from the search engine we respect (satisfying user requests within the site), three - a great behavioral factor, because reading this article, you could have made several transitions. Commercially more profitable - you have already become familiar not only with one service, but with several. That's it! It is necessary, it is convenient, it's cool!

Lists. It is convenient to read structured information. For the same reason, don't make paragraphs and sentences very large. 5-7 lines in the paragraph - the most convenient option for modern man.

Behavioral factor. Times are changing-before this was not, and now only thanks to this factor the article about the method of growing cucumbers can get to the TOP on request “country humor”. How? Yes just liked! I, Bob, Peter and 100500 of people have read it, Apostoli, liked, commented on, etc. You know what I mean? Think again! And I mean that everything that was written by me before, has no value if you make up of keywords, h1, h2 and other terms incomprehensible to an ordinary person full of crap. Make just a cool article that will be read for the fact that it is so convenient, concise, business and for people!

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