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Placement of the company in catalogs and directories


Placement of information about the company in various directories of organizations is one of the foundations of external promotion, as it gives a positive and, as a rule, trust reference mass. Search engines appreciate links to the resource from such sources, and if the link can not be put, then You will still be mentioned - one of the constantly adding weight to the ranking of search engines.

Another, but no less important advantage of placing the company in directories - the audience of these directories. You need to understand that a person will not look in the directory of companies description of roses or just their photos, he will look for either a store or a supplier. Target commercial audience!

What to consider when placing in directories?

First, the uniqueness of the description texts. The presence of a short description (up to 300 characters), complete ( 400-700 characters), extended (from 1000 characters, rarely used, but sometimes can be useful).

Second, some catalogs are paid, but the level of their spamming will be much lower. With some agree to the opposite mention on the site.

If you value your time and are ready to entrust the work to professionals, please contact us for this service. With the cost of our services only 2990 rubles, You will be placed in the most popular and reliable catalogs, including regional and thematic.

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