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SEO audit of website


SEO audit is a site analysis in which the webmaster checks the structure, content and other parameters for compliance with the requirements of search engines in order to find errors and bottlenecks on the site. Constant change of algorithms of search engines requires the resource to meet the requirements of search engines, at least not to be below the competition in the search results, and better to reach the TOP of the issue. And this is not the only reason why you need to audit the site.

A comprehensive audit of the site covers quite different aspects:

Technical audit: management of search robots through the robots file.txt, processing of a typical server error, check the HTML code, checking for broken links and so on.
Content audit: checking of texts, images and other media files, duplicates of pages.
Analysis of external site optimization: first of all, the external reference mass is estimated.
Behavioral factors.
Result of SEO analysis-a report that displays:

detected error;
recommendations on elimination of errors;
General recommendations to improve optimization;
recommendations for improving usability.
When ordering the site audit service, the resource owner will receive an answer as to the status of the resource and what to do.

The question arises: how often to conduct seo audit of the site?

General recommendation-at least once a year, and:

Before SEO optimization and SEO promotion
After the development of the site, if it was done by the organization is not engaged in the promotion
After the change of the company-promoter
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