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SEO website promotion

According to the recommendations of google and Yandex A thoughtful approach


Search engine promotion of the site, or SEO-is a set of works aimed at improving the position of the site in the search engine results.

Why do I need SEO?
Search engines handle a huge number of user requests, using certain algorithms to rank the user provided a list of pages.

The work of a specialist in SEO promotion is just to bring a specific site for specific requests in accordance with the requirements of search engines and, accordingly, the withdrawal to the TOP. Usually SEO promotion begin to engage immediately after the development of the site.

SEO promotion services consist of:

1. Works with the customer's website, or internal SEO optimization of the website.

The purpose of this stage of work is to improve the resource itself, to make it convenient for visitors.

The complex of works includes:

Compilation of semantic kernel
Text optimization, SEO text writing
Working with meta tags
Creating a site map
Working with robots.txt
Improving behavioural and commercial factors
Usually internal optimization, as part of a comprehensive promotion of the site, is made at the beginning of the work and does not take more than a few weeks. However, depending on the resource, the theme of the site and so on. works can be made more "stretched" and combined with works on external promotion of the site.

2. Working with external resources or external SEO promotion

Promotion of the site at this stage is reduced to working with other sites, which will be referred to the promoted site. At a minimum, this must be done:

in social networks,
in directories,
on forums and blogs,
The use of certain resources is determined by the web master.

To the cost of work at this stage, the budget for external promotion is also added, from which the very mention on another site is paid. For a standard theme for one region, it usually does not exceed 3 Tr per page per month. However, the Federal online stores only spend millions on the purchase of links monthly.

How much should be SEO promotion?
SEO has a longer payback period than advertising on search, but when considering indicators for a year or more, because SEO promotion has a cumulative effect, the price of the attracted client in SEO is lower (in some areas even several times lower). The first SEO results are usually visible from 1 to 3 months after the start of work.

Cost of SEO promotion
The price of SEO promotion depends on the size of the resource (number of pages), the number of requests for which you need to go to the TOP, topics and competition in this niche. On average, the cost of website promotion in the Kaliningrad region is around 15-20 Tr per month.

Our recommendation is to combine SEO promotion with contextual advertising. This way you get customers here and now from the context, and over time, reduce the cost of attracting new customers through SEO and optimize the budget for advertising. Moreover, SEO promotion and contextual advertising can be entered in any budget, this will change only the timing and volume of attracted customers

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