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About us

It all started in 2013.

On October 25, the web Studio "PR-kenig", which consisted of several people, appeared on the expanses of Runet. What was important for us was to make a good product in our regional market. Given that the development of web technologies in the Kaliningrad region is in full swing. We have enjoyed what we do and what is the most pleasant have kept this feeling so far!

In our work we focus only on the industry leaders, cooperate with proven companies, constantly looking for new partners and interesting offers that we can offer you later.

We are sure that our joint work will be interesting and productive!

Our team

One of the factors that ensure a high level of our services is a carefully selected professional staff of the company.

Dmitry Grozny

Dmitry Grozny

IT director

We must understand that our development depends primarily on ourselves.


+7 911 458 71 42



Project manager

Quickly, cheaply and well — of these three things need always choose two. If fast and cheap, it will never be good. If it's cheap and good, it'll never be fast. And if it is good and fast, it will never come cheap.



Art director

Packaging is as important as the product. Sometimes even more.



SEO & internet marketing

The client gets the advertising it deserves.

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