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Semantic kernel


Semantic core (s), or semantics, is a list of words and phrases that describe as widely as possible the direction and theme of the site, the product or service offered by the site. In fact, it is a file with a structured set of key phrases, based on the analysis of demand on the Internet. To create a semantic kernel, you need to determine what search queries users are looking for information that will be published on the site.

Why do we need “semantics"?
First, a properly formed semantic core is the basis for the optimal structure of the site and is prepared before the development of the site.

Secondly, it is impossible to estimate the cost and promotion strategy without it.

Thirdly, based on semantic kernel constructed advertising campaign.

Fourth, the webmaster on the basis of semantics is a technical task for writing SEO texts for copywriter.

The process of drawing up a semantic kernel.
Before creating a semantic core, it is necessary to analyze in detail the business and market niche of the organization, to analyze competitors. When selecting keywords to compile the semantic kernel requires the help of a representative of the promoted site, as among the "keys" can be professional terms and jargon not familiar to strangers, including the webmaster. To begin with, we define queries describing the content of the site, key phrases characterizing the product.

The structure of the semantic core can be completely based on the results of the analysis of demand on the Internet, and on the basis of the analysis of business processes of the organization. In this case, the semantic kernel determines the architecture of the resource. In the second case, the semantic kernel is distributed over the finished framework.

After selection with the help of specialized services of various keywords, the direct process of compiling the semantic core begins-proofreading. This is manual work, in which unsuitable requests are eliminated. The resulting list of requests should be distributed among the pages of the site. Typically, the most competitive requests are used to promote the main page and pages with the largest reference weight.

In addition to the specified distribution of the structure of the site, the semantic kernel is divided into:

commercial and non-commercial requests,
high-frequency( HF), mid-frequency (MF) and low-frequency (LF),
highly competitive (HF), medium-competitive (MF) and low-competitive (LF).
The work on the semantic kernel never ends. This is a dynamic document that must be constantly updated, because there are variables such as seasonality, geo-dependency, bounce rates, market dynamics and more. Our recommendation is to update the semantic kernel at least once a quarter.

The cost of creating a semantic core is determined by the complexity of the subject and its size, the number of regions and, as a rule, varies from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. To get a more accurate estimate of the cost of compiling the semantic kernel, please contact us.

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